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April 02, 2007



Oh my goodness, that is CLASSIC. I'd rather be a ho than an rude, illiterate scumblowing assmunch like that. ANY DAY. At least you can quit prostitution. Stupid is for life.

What is with the people who always accuse everyone of jealousy when they criticize something? It's almost a guaranteed knee-jerk response, especially if the criticism comes from a woman. Hello, morons. Women are capable of having rational distates for people, places and things that are in no way motivated by jealousy. M'kay, pumpkins?


But Emily, I am both a *ho* and stupid! "Stupid looking" and a "stupid ho." Doubly cursed!

Actually I am multiply cursed because this Singh character thinks I am ugly and because Pretty Is Everything In Life I will never, ever get to prove myself to him.

Will the tragedy never end?


I just wrote off the "stupid" bits as insecure projections on the part of your correspondent. Besides, anyone who resorts to base insults about your appearance or sexual integrity because they don't like something you have to say has no business calling anyone else stupid until they take a long, hard look in the mirror.

But I must salute his bravery in not offering you any right of reply. He keeps a special account just to send rotten e-mails to strangers! What a productive and fulfilling hobby that must be!

Catherine Cantieri

While we are marveling at the fireworks of stupidity displayed by the email, let's not forget to appreciate the more subtle stupidity underlying it: the fact that Susanna was actually *defending* India from the onslaught of the clueless Hurley.

Stupidity: the gift that keeps on giving, whether you want it to or not.


Whoa! You're now a stupid, famous ho! And gay! So, in Freudian terms, does that mean that you are jealous because you are in love with her, a closeted, nasty ho? Or just an open one? I'm confused. At least Mrs. Singh did not use the "F" word. That would have been really rude of her.


Well, isn't that special?

People constantly amaze me. And not in a good way ...


Amar, don't make me come over there.


D-uh... Everyone knows that you can't be beautiful and *smart* - you MUST be beautiful and stupid. The smart girls are all ugly. It's the law.

Hey Susanna - if you're so stupid, you must be pretty damn beautiful!

Glad you're back lady!!!

Jen W.

Hi there!

I love how he said not to reply to that email because it's just what he uses to write nasty comments to people. It entertains me that people would set up an email for just that purpose. What a loser.

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