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March 28, 2007



I confess, I might just buy the second set to travel with ...


Exactly. It's not garbage. They're perfectly serviceable goods.

I think I shot a little low (a lot low) on that $10,000 price, too. That's a 2-carat center stone. Their platinum and diamond mountings alone run about $3000, so add a decent eye-clean 2-carat stone to that and you've got an expensive ring. You're going to want a travel set indeed. I know just where you can get one!


I think of this type of line as bridge jewellery, between costume and real.

The stones are generally well and properly set, and at a price where you don't have to think twice. I think its an option that allows people to stretch --to try a design option they wouldn't (at least at first) be willing to spend thousands on.

In fact, your recommendation on the stacking rings is right on point (as usual!!). I bought some platinum plated sterling stacking rings last year to decide if I'd like to invest in real ones ...


I see nothing wrong with this kind of thing. There is a difference between real platinum and the clad stuff, but there's no reason you can't own both.


I see the Tacori/QVC deal as a direct response to the overall movement in luxury goods. That is to allow the masses to purchase your designs at every price point. Heidi Klum just signed on to QVC as well w/ a price point collection. Looks great, too.

You mention Isaac Mizrahi and Ralph Lauren, they have done a wonderful job at spilling into the mass marktplace and no one thinks less of either brand, they still have customers at every price level. Does it dilute the brand? It allows the budget minded consumer to dress and "bling" themselves just as their snooty nose sister-in-law does for a lot less.


No one needs an $8000 ring on their finger. No one even needs a $1000 ring or piece of jewelry. It's not actually *worth* that much. Try to sell a piece of jewelry once you've bought it and you'll see how quickly the price drops. People always want to feel like they are better than the next guy, and ridiculous luxury goods exist to foster that fable for those who don't have enough self esteem without looking at a rock every day to give them some kind of value. QVC -- Target, no difference to the snooty stuff, really. You're still wearing something that can represent life to a dying person or ease the suffering of a multitude of children. Yet people sit back and cry over how their ickle wickle rings got stolen or are being sold on QVC? They should be ashamed of themselves for even spending money on such a completely useless item when there are people really suffering in this world. Oh how we try to pretend we all aren't going to die in the end. Anything shiny to distract us from the Great Equalizer.


Geez, Lola, you're crazy. Jewelry is a fun diversion in life, a way of celebrating milestones and brightening someone's day. Jewelers even donate huge sums of money to the needy that you refer to, as well as create jobs (preventing people from becoming indigent). People buy jewelry to appreciate the art and skill involved in making it as well as to admire the stones that Mother Nature produced, NOT to fatten nest eggs. And if you're so anti-materialist, what are you doing on a computer preaching to strangers when you could be feeding the homeless or volunteering with abused kids? You could sell your computer to "ease the suffering of a multitude of children." Shame on you!


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Oh Jen you are so off base.
I can't even understand a person who would try to equate a computer with a $1000 little ring.

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I think $10k won't be the very value of that piece no matter what gets in it. I think the owner gets to clean them as always.

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Tacori is selling a separate jewelry line that is not readily available to their retailers. So are they jumping the shark? I don't think so. They are able to sell less expensive jewelry to an audience that wants it without disturbing their core brand at a retail level. Very smart.

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