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March 13, 2007


Cory O'Connor

The best thing about Elizabeth Hurley getting married is that it got you to return to blogging. Where ya' been and welcome back!


Welcome back BB!! You were sorely missed!

It's a pretty (showy) engagement ring. Do you think she'll wear it to the gym??


Does she go to the gym?


That's a fair question!


the major reason we rush to see her movies is to check her out in a bunch of tight, slinky outfits; we care little for the plots.

Goin Bridal

Luv is int the Air, Its valentines day..

Did he pop the question this valentines day.

Do you get the choice to select your own engagement ring...??

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palladium ring

The jewellers also created the bride's wedding band - 20 square-cut 3.91 carat diamonds also set in white gold." looks so elegant.

by: rhianne


Well she deserves it. And congratulations to her. Cheers. Well, Thatwas one expensive ring, though.

Vintage Rings

Hmm..This single diamond ring is looking awesome. It is looking very expensive. If i am not wrong, Diamond price depedns on its size.It increases with large size.

wedding rings

that is a gorgeous wedding ring. congrats to her..

new fathers

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Emerald gold rings

Surely a gorgeous ring. Lucky girl

cash for gold

Congratulations to her!

Wedding Bands For Men

The ring is really very nice.. I wish I could have the same for my wedding day.. The unique design is making it different from others..

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