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December 20, 2006



Food and water allergy. That's impressive. Maybe even more impressive than the heffalump ride. Hard to say ...


Oh, and Happy New Year and Buffalo!!!


I swear there was a to you between year and and when I typed it ...

tree hugging sister

"Showers with a flannel cloth over her mouth..."

The next best thing to a pillowcase over the head?

'Ick' was kind of you, dear.


She just sucks out loud, doesn't she, THS?

Welcome back!

I don't know... what does he see in her, Wendy? She is going to cost him so much more money and heartache than a lovely young girl from Bombay ever will. Why bother. At this point she's such a nightmare. Why? Why?!


I know this is a bling blog and everything, but I steadfastly cling to my earnest opinion that unless a woman is either wearing a costume or has a legal, internationally recognized royal title, she should never, under any other circumstances, wear a tiara.



There were so, so many photos of her in just pretty Chopard jewels. She shills for them and can have her pick. Of course she thinks she ought to wear the tiara, doesn't she?

The ridiculous absurdity of the tiara belongs here, no? I actually prefer, like, P. Hilton in a tiara to Elizabitch Hurley in a tiara.

She is like the south end of northbound mule.



I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps there is One Thing that she can do that in the short term can prompt him to overlook other shortcomings? Because I just can't see it being a match made in heaven ...

Mr. Bingley

Maybe they were playing "Pretty Pretty Princess" Emily. I usually wear the tiara around the house for awhile after I win a game.

Cory O'Connor

When are you coming back?

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I am really missing your interesting comments on the diamonds bling world. When are you updating the site again ?

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It's too bad that she doesn't have an engagement ring.
But I wonder if she is jealous of Beyonce's engagement ring.

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She has the appeal and beauty of a genuine sex symbol. And although she's a good actress,


I thought she already had her engagement ring made? So where is it now?

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i have no idea what he sees in her

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i guess you don't have to match someone to fall in love...

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