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December 10, 2006



Do they really watch the movie at those movie premieres? Or do they do the red-carpet thing and then go straight to the party?

(Oh, Happy Birthday!)


Yeah, they do watch the movie. Well, some do. The filmmakers, the principals, the studio people, the cleanerfishes...

But definitely they are available for all of the photo ops and press line stuff before and after the movie.

When I worked for New Line it was all about the arrivals. Arrivals for the movie, arrivals for the party. Basically if they disappeared during the movie no one cared. But that was before internet gossip could report that "so-and-so slipped out during the premiere."

As long as everyone was there to suck up afterwards, it was all good. You should've seen the sucking up. Like the after-parties for such screen gems as "Woo" and "The Players Club." Electric performances! All of them!

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