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December 14, 2006



The milgraining adds a wonderful touch. And I certainly prefer these to the ubiquitous journey settings out there this season ...


The journey diamonds are okay. Most are redundant.

But when I was bouncing the concept off of Buffalo, he thought that "journey" meant the idea of ADDING a diamond for the steps of said JOURNEY... i.e. adding diamonds for milestones of life's passages. Which to a man is a nifty concept. He was offput by the idea of an already-completed journey. Sort of like "WTF?! So where is the JOURNEY?!"

He makes a good point.


Buffalo's concept is ever so much better and a darned sight more creative, too! (Bet that's one of the many reasons you love him.)


M wore these in Casino Royale in the scene when Bond breaks into her apartment... they caught my eye and I spent forever trying to find out more about them. They reminded me of DNA strands in the movie..
Anyway, thank you!!


Hi Finally,

Not exactly! But close enough. I, too, was utterly obsessed with M's earrings from the movie.

I own these now, and I believe that M's pair have only 3 or 4 stones each per earring. Mine have 7 per earring. My sense is that Kwiat dismantled them for M to wear. They're nearly identical. I figured I would wear them like this, with 7 stones for as long as I love them this way, and then take them apart and have two pairs of earrings: one with 3 stones and one with 4. The 4-stone pair I plan to do some bending with the pliers to get them to do some neat curling.

Good luck!


I have been obsessing over M's earrings for months now, too! I wondered if you had considered whether they might be Tiffany Bubble earrings with 3 stones. Although, I think the detailing on these Kwiat settings is prettier!

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