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December 13, 2006



Aha! I'm so glad to see your obsession is something I'm totally enamoured with!

I side with your Mom. Although since I don't have an unlimited jewellery budget, I'm all about daily wear. That helps me justify the obsession ...

(Hence I haven't quite justified the Solaris ring I quite adore!)

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They certaintly are spectacular earrings, love them! But yeah, at $3,000 I don't think I'll be owning a pair anytime soon.


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I just wondering, why those hip hop and rappers always wearing big jewelries and clothes?


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They look stunning, you should have got us some pictures of you wearing them though!


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These are looking gorgeous. It will really elegant look after wearing. Have you designed these earrings yourself.I am quite interested in the pictures of someone wearing these earrings. Have you designed these earrings yourself.


An sich ein super Kommentar, nur kannst du später nicht ein wenig ausführlicher sein? :)


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