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December 18, 2006


Cory O'Connor

This is one sexy Bling Blog.


Oh, BB, there are some marvels at ChicSherlock!! If I were feeling flush, those Hanut Singh beetlewing earrings would be mine so fast your head would spin!

Alex Soldier's pieces are scrumptious. I certainly see why you singled them out.

Another standout for me are Rosanne Pugliese's teardrop shaped shepherd's hooks with sapphires & coin pearls. It is nice to see wirework outside the ordinary.


BB, as George and I sit by the electrical glowy objects (the faux fire and the laptop screen) we wish you the best of the season!

Now we'll turn off the laptop screen, and watch the sun change the colour of the sky, me with my coffee, he with the beta version of the cat toys we made yesterday ...


S, happy holidays to you and your family! wishing you a peaceful and bountiful new year ahead of you!

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