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November 10, 2006



New Yorkers actually don't talk like that anymore. They did in Bugs Bunny's era. And frankly, it sounds like Vera has been taking elocution lessons with Madonna's voice teacher. And boy, is she digitized. Holy moly, worse than Ricky Martin.

I guess if all goes well, the bride will end up out of her dress and on a mattress somewhere. Does it extend the special bride feeling to have it on a Vera Wang mattress? Maybe.

Great post and great eye. I'm sad that I know about Billy Bob's, though. There's only so much room in this brain and now I will never be able to rid it of that website. Oh, well. The price I pay for reading the genius.


Yeah, sorry about the Billy Bob thing. A customer from Maryland told me about that place and she HAD TO buy her bed from BBB just so she could say she did. Curiosity drove me to it and it was forever imprinted in my brain, too. This was, perhaps, a feeble effort to lessen my pain by sharing it with others.

So Vera has come a long way with the elocution, eh? To my ear she is incredibly grating, but I don't live in NY.

Yeah. Good question. Let's send that one out there to the new brides: Does it extend the special "bride" feeling to get it on a Vera Wang mattress? Please send us your stories.

Jen W.

Is it just me, or who gives a shit if your mattress has a "holographic" look that reminds you of a dress? You're just going to cover it up with sheets.


Too much!!!! I think I prefer Billy Bob to Vera!

And a brief moment on the design of Ms. Wang's web site. That'll do. So could have done better!

Finally, I do like some of her jewellery. I do not, however, like the emphasis on twisted wire, particularly for bridal sets and cocktail rings. A woman fully expects to wear her wedding set for the rest of her life. Very few of us can expect to remain the same size, however.

Etienne Perret

Oh, yes the Vera Wang jewelry is actually made and distributed by one of the largest Indian diamond companies called Rosy Blue. They are one of the official Sight Holders that buy rough diamonds from the cartel.


So, E, tell us more about Rosy Blue if you can...

A client of mine tells me that Billy Bob lives in her neighborhood. It is a quite affluent neighborhood and he has automobiles in the front drive with signage all over them advertising for Billy Bob's Beds. It is the embodiment of "there goes the neighborhood..." She was so funny about it. Says he lives at the entrance to the neighborhood, too.

I, too, have more love for Billy Bob than Vera at the moment, Wendy. He seems more sincere. And it is curious that one would buy such an inconvenient arrangement for one's wedding set. But who knows? The jewels are appealing and fun, but they don't scream "which one of my great grandchildren will I leave this to?" you know? (more on that later)

Jen... so, obviously, bed linens are next in the quest for world domination?


It's really getting out of control. But since so many are doing it, the market is getting oversaturated. What goes up must come down.


I actually HAVE one of these mattresses, and it's AWFUL. We did not buy it because it's VW, but because it felt the best at the store.

6 months later, we can hardly sleep on it. It is SO uncomfortable. Of course, we have no recourse. Just a $2000.00 mattress that is worse than sleeping on our old one that we had for over 10 years.

Pretty disgusted with the whole thing...


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All I can say is it's ABSOLUTELY all have done a wonderful job, I'm thrilled!!!
Lets leave the flowers on the front off since they aren't really going to be seen. I kind of like the simplicity of just the plain white w/the color around the bottom. She's such a little girl I think simple is better. But I'm definitely satisfied the the decision to put the flowers on the back. And your idea to put both the chocolate/pink together was fabulous.. it's beautiful!! And the little headband is great as well. It's all just perfect!!
Thank you so much for all your help!

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