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November 28, 2006



A very happy belated birthday BB!! And because I am genuinely happy for you, I will not show the twinge of jealousy I had over the tulips and Tod's bag. The velveeta and pilates, well, girl, you can have 'em!

Seriously though, have a wonderful year ahead. May it bring you the things your heart most desires.


The Velveeta was a gift from the Pugs, designed to be regifted back to the Pugs. They wrapped it so nicely, too.

Why the hating on the Pilates? It actually keeps me sane some days.

As for the Tod's bag, I am told it will arrive one day soon. It did arrive at one time, was damaged and was briskly sent away to be replaced. Ahhh... was in my grasp for such a brief, fleeting moment... So the Tod's bag is really just a figment of my imagination a photo on the blog until it materializes some time this week.


Happy Birthday!!! Was orange a theme? What nice gifts! Who made those brushes?



Ah, sly and clever pugs!

I personally believe that birthday celebrations should be extended as much as possible, so that the bag isn't in your hands yet works, too.

I don't hate Pilates. Sorry if it sounded like I do. There's just no way on the planet that given my back injuries I could ever hope to do it. Pilates for you, pool for me. Whatever works!


For some reason, things turned out orange, Kim!

The brushes are from T. McEvoy. The case is quilted black leather, though. And there are only five or six brushes short brushes for the trip to the gym. I was trying to find a picture that was close. They had the best set for my purposes.

Ah, yes, back injuries. The Reformer would not be your friend with your type of injuries, no. Minimal injuries, yes. Massive ones, no.

The pool for me, no thank you! So we wouldn't have to worry about running into one another. :)


Happy belated birthday! I should caution you, though, as my friend Artie once said about, oddly, Velveeta and a different pair of pugs: "That's just gonna bind them pugs up." Good luck...


Yeah, I hand out the cheese in little nibbles.

No binding up as of yet, however, there are 32 oz. in that brick o' cheesefood and time's a-wasting!

Jen W.

It's late, but happy birthday! Love the bag.

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