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October 08, 2006



Happy anniversary to both of you!!!!! You deserve it! (And a big, fat, "Oooooh," to the Gorsuch gift certificate!)

And welcome back to the blogosphere. You have been sorely missed.



Etienne Perret

So Susanna, How do you think the stores in Vegas stack up to Paris or London or even New York?


Hey, thanks everyone!

I think Las Vegas has it all. Nearly. If you're a top shelf retailer, you MUST have at least one shop in Las Vegas.

Louis Vuitton has three stores there. Three stores in less than a 1/2 mile radius. It's crazy. In the Wynn there's Blahnik, Graff, Jo Malone, etc. Great shops.

But when I say "nearly" I mean more than nearly. I mean that they are sorely missing the wonderful boutique-type shops that make NY and Paris and London unique shopping destinations.

There are fabulous clothiers and jewelers in Soho, in Place Vendome, in London that you'd never find in Las Vegas. Everything there is name-brand recognition.

In other words, the folks from Podunk, USA who go to Las Vegas for their one big vacation and do their shopping need to see shops with names that they see in magazines.

Obscurity, originality and one-of-a-kind merchandise is just not going to cut it in Las Vegas.


Happy Anniversary! That is one of the all time greatest wedding photos and dresses. Me and Mike are two days after you--we're celebrating this weekend in high style. We will miss the kitsch, but will live anyway. Happy Anniversary!!!


* Sappy alert *

I love you too angel. You're the best Food Lady a guy could ask for.

By the way, nice to be able to read Bling Blog at lunch again. ;)


Susanna, welcome back and happy anniversary to you and Trey!

law of attraction community

Happy Anniversary, You both are looking quite good and happy. Thanks! for sharing your life.

Best Of Luck.

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