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October 09, 2006



I think Thierry Mugler is part of the Estee Lauder group. And I love the way silver smells! Why not bottle it? Right?


You're a good person, BB! And if Mr. Perret says it is so, who am I to doubt?

The majority of Mr. Yurman's bijoux are not to my taste. At all. But clearly they appeal to many. And that's just fine.

Now, how do we feel about Scott Kay's sterling line??


Hey Kim, do you like the way silver smells, or the way silver polish smells? I love the way freshly polished silver smells. Like tableware.

Mugler is indeed partnered with Clarins, I checked.

As for Scott Kay Sterling? I think I do like it quite a bit more than Yurman. I am fond of the basketweave. It's a bit more delicate. There is some very finely done work in his "woven" pieces and rather than having a massive, heavy feeling, they feeling more airy.

But I think they'd likely appeal to those who liked Yurman as well. Except I think Yurman is very much a name-brand status symbol and recognizable mark like Vuitton or Gucci. Like, "THAT'S a Yurman, no doubt!" You know? And so folks would buy Yurman so that they could wear Yurman. Just as a person would buy Vuitton so they might be seen carrying an LV bag.

What do you think?


I haven't seen the Scott Kay silver pieces yet, but I will soon. A local store that carries the platinum pieces will be getting the sterling in. A friend who works there, a trained goldsmith himself, feels that the quality of the workmanship is better in the SK line versus the DY line (which they also carry). So I'll let you know when I see it! He knows my taste very well, so I know he's not trying to "sell" me.

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