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October 21, 2006



So, um...want to go to Arkansas with me? Now? Please?


Oooh. Aaaah. Here's my fantasy question. Say each of us found said stone. In an ideal world, who would we choose to cut it?

BB, your point about so called "expert" valuations is well taken. Perhaps at some point a post about appraisals would be good for the Basic Knowledge category.

Another case in point. A friend found a ring, it went unclaimed, and became her property. A .19 ct. centre diamond, SI, G, cut good. 6 or 8 ( I forget) 2-3 mm blue sapphires around the centre stone. Set in 14k white gold. Very light on the gold weight (band width not much more than 1 mm). A so called expert told her it was worth $5,000 CAD. Not so much.

I sent her to my appraiser, value $1,050. Her first question: how could the first "expert" be so far off?


Good thinking, Wendy.

I think it might be a very good idea to interview an appraiser for an article here. Because your friend's experience is fairly typical, and it exposes the disparity in valuation, perceived value, and so forth between what an individual might think a piece is worth (i.e. "shouldn't sentimentality figure into the price?" well, that'd be nice, but no, it doesn't...) and what an actual appraised value is.

There's a replacement value (insurance appraisal). And that's truly the only one that matters. Regardless of what something is appraised for, one is not likely to be able to sell it for that amount. However, if one gets the piece legitimately appraised and insured for that amount, it can be replaced. Not sentimentally, but approximately in value.


And by the way, YOUR appraiser was the legit appraiser, no doubt.

"Not so much" with the $5000 CAD is right. 14K white? Puhleaaaaaze. The first "appraiser" wanted to sell her something.


Jen, I've often thought of having a Bling Blog field trip to Arkansas. We'd drop in on Lisa. Take her rug rats with us and have them help us.

But I fear I would just get all muddy. You know... you go looking... you will not find.


Bien sur, my appraiser was correct! It's a nice ring. It's not a pricey ring.

An interview with an appraiser would be an excellent idea, if I do say so myself.

(I think we should have a Bling Blog field trip to the soon-to-be-built jewellery edifice in Vegas!)


Dude, you would not get muddy. Crater of Diamonds is a big ol' rock pit.

It is especially brutal in the summer -- no shade! (Or so I've heard; I've never been there.)

I say y'all come in the Spring -- and me and the rug rats will meet you there!


Alright, AK it is. I'll get my hiking boots. :)


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