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September 14, 2006



Oh -- I hear you and I feel your pain!!!! The memo has gone missing in gyms and pools the world over!

What do I wear to the pool? On occasion I wear small diamond stud earrings (.30 ctw, VS1-2, G, platinum). Usually because I have forgotten to take them off -- I then clean them when I get home. And I am often overheard gently suggesting to elderly ladies of Asian origin that they should remove their pearls (including the faux variant) before venturing into the (a) shower (b) pool (c) hot tub.

Rings, bracelets and other accoutrements during any sort of weight or pulley exercise is an invitation to (a) blisters (b) getting caught up in what you are doing (c) damaged jewellery. Wearing rings in the pool -- fine if you don't mind them slipping off your fingers (the whole prune thing), or don't worry about damage when you smack the wall by mistake.

I would add that robberies do happen in gym and pool changing rooms, locked lockers or no. So if you're going to wear it to the gym and take it off to work out, the wise course is to have the piece scheduled on your insurance policy. (But then, if it is valuable, I take the position that you should anyway!)

Etienne Perret

I have wondered about this too. Like while watching the women at the US open tennis match. For heaven sake when there are millions at stake take of any distractions like jewelry Duh?


Hi! Welcome back, so nice to read. Yes, you are right. Me cringing at the thought of anyone re-absorbing foundation into their skin, going against what nature intended with the whole sweat mechanism thing. Yich. It looks bad, it's embarrassing for the wearer. Especially if there's a cute guy at the gym. Do you want him to see you're so insecure about yourself that you can't be seen without a little makeup? Like I say, yick. But welcome back!!!

Jewelry Expert, Amanda from All Women's Talk

Well, I think that if we women go the gym - we intend to first of all work out, not to impress others with diamond rings that might look plain ridiculous in the gym! Expensive jewelry is for dinners and other outings!

palladium ring

I think wearing jewelries while exercising is a big hassle and distraction.


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I usually wear the jewelry while excersing . Thank you very much ! You have shared very useful informtaion with us.

Glass Of Venice

Rings...and I'm talking simple bands on my fingers....and maybe stud earrings only. Otherwise, I leave the bling at home.

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Charmn Goldie

I wear mine. I never take it off. not to cook, not to shower, not to sleep.


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