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August 04, 2006



'Fess up further Susanna! What colour Aeros captivated you? You know how it is with enquiring minds ...


Silver frame, sapphire blue lenses.

The gold frame with the algae green lenses would seem the likely suspect, but actually the blue were quite fetching and unique.

I have many pairs of glasses (lots of Oliver Peoples) with green lenses, however, I nearly exclusively wear a Silhouette titanium frame (which doesn't hurt my nose) with rose colored lenses.

And I did get the pink/green/blue Pucci hat, deeply discounted on the Last Call table. It was my one vice. I stalked it, as you know.


Yay for the Pucci hat!!! Pucci makes for smiles!

The Aero's would be most fine on you, but we can't have it all, can we? (Although I feel a twinge of jealousy over your collection of glasses. I however I have very cool progressive bifocals with transitions lenses. Seeing is good ...)


Great post!

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