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August 05, 2006



I came across your blog after I signed up to honour a 9-11 victim on my blog. I LOVE your blog, I love your words and your attitude on everything, we could almost be family. By the way, I am also a 9-11 survivor and firefighter widow so the honour thing was a must for me.


No fair is right! The snowcat parka! The Cavalli coat on the home page ...

I will now begin some stalking myself, and hope for post-Christmas sales!


Hi Rebecca!

Welcome! I am waiting for Typepad to approve the 2996 logo for the sidebar so I can keep it there permanently so I can honor my adopted 9-11 firefighter Kevin H. Bracken here. It's not a content thing, since I am in charge of that, it's a format thing. I hope I can do it soon, so other bloggers can sign up and adopt the remaining 1,500+ of the 2,996 before the 5th anniversary of 9-11 so we have a great show of support.

So glad to have you here, hope you and yours are well, truly. I think about your families in general, on the whole, quite a lot. And when I hear from one of you it's really galvanizing and significant. For you, it may not seem like you've done anything but say hello, but for me, I feel like I've been reminded about lots of things. What it's all about. Why we're here. The little things. The big things. All the things in between. So thanks. Yes, family.

I think you'll find that over there on the left in the links of some of my "Real & Imaginary Friends" you'll find some more family. Not all, but some of them, I promise! Check This Life, The Coalition and Second Breakfast to start. They've all adopted someone for the 2996 campaign.

If you have a blog, write back and I will put you on that list.


Oh, Wendy, the sales cannot come soon enough. Trey has squirreled that catalog away for his own benign purposes. Good man.


Bad ppl for sending you that catalogue!
If someone sent me a catalogue with cool clothes, my new 200 clothes allowance might find a new home...


Good job, Trey!

Susie, hopefully when your sidebar is approved you will do a post on the adoption program, so we "foreigners" won't be out of the loop.

Rebecca, welcome to the conversation.


Yeah, I hate them, too. Unfair, indeed.


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