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August 23, 2006



Many happy returns, Trey!!!!

Is it an Omega Speedmaster?


Why yes, Wendy, it is! Nice work!

Are you familiar with these things? Are you fascinated with moony things and astronauts and so forth like Trey is?


I confess, I am a moonie in the best sense of the word!

I am so not as technically inclined as Trey, but I am drawn to things on earth and beyond that inspire wonder. I was at a cottage (at a research station) during the first moonwalk. We listened to it on the radio -- it was magical and awe-inspiring in the same moment. (And Mr. Armstrong left his Speedmaster up there, I think.)

Omega has a rich and storied history.


A moonie! But neither a Moonie in the sense of the Reverend Moon or a kooky leftist moon-bat, I am sure.

Um, Buffalo? Are you reading this?

Wendy says Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster up on the moon!

My Dad says he can remember being outside with the older kids (before I was born) and listening to it on the radio while looking up at the moon.


Wow! Good guess Wendy, color me impressed.

I'm right there with you, as the inspired wonder of the lunar landings captured my attention long before I could begin to comprehend the technical aspects. Fortunate enough to be able to remember watching all of this on TV as a kid. Lived about 40 miles south of Johnson Space Center during the ramp up to Apollo and have lots of memories of birthday cakes decorated with Gemini capsules and Saturn rockets. Even had my own blue NASA jump suit! Good stuff.

Mr. Armstrong did leave his Speedmaster in the Lunar Module during his famous moonwalk, but he did bring it back home with him. Apparently the on-board timer had gone south and Armstrong left his watch with Aldrin to serve as the timer.

As for my watch? It's fantastic! A compete jaw dropper when I tore the wrapping paper open and saw the Omega logo. Couldn't have been more surprised or more excited. Even better than the blue NASA jumpsuit. Thanks BB! You're the best.

Big love, Buffalo



I'm sure your dad helped make the event memorable for your older siblings.


How nice to hear your virtual voice!

Geminis and Saturns captured imaginations all round. Living near the JSS would have been just fabulous! One of my favorite tourist things about Florida is Kennedy. I was totally blown away to be beside a Saturn V, and to stand in the animated control room for the Apollo launch sequence. On my list of things to do before I die is see a launch.

Yes! That's the Neil Armstrong & Speedmaster watch story! Mr. Aldrin's was lost, wasn't it?

Wear yours in very, very good health! Maybe the next time we see your smiling face on the Bling Blog we'll see the Speedmaster on too. I'm sure it will look smashing, and will last to pass down to another generation. (My Dad has an Oyster, for his successful Ph.D. defence, and it still keeps fine time.)

One of my favorite brushes with greatness years ago was that one of the volunteers I worked with was the father of Marc Garneau, so we had the opportunity to meet him.


P.S. I think Omega may have run print ads emphasizing the lunar experience. Trey?


Happy birthday, Herm! Somewhere, Albert Einstein's plastic arms are waving happily for you.


happy bd old man.


It's just like old home day here on the Bling Blog! Cath, Albert would be waving from the dark recesses of a box in the garage. He is still with us. And thanks Robnit, always a pleasure!

Back to the Speedmaster, not sure if Omega ran ads featuring the moon connection, although I would think any marketing person with two neurons to rub together would have run with that one.

As for Buzz Aldrins watch, a quick Google revealed that it had in fact been misplaced/stolen while in transit to the Smithsonian for display. That story and more courtesy of our friends at NASA (

Have to admit I get more than a small kick out of the fact that the new watch has a page on a NASA website. Cool stuff!


Hi B & BB,

The NASA link is indeed cool.

I had to do some intenstive googling and blog perusing -- but here is one of the print ads:

I hope you get a kick out of it, too!

I've been even a little more scattered than usual lately. I see in editing my previous post, I completely edited out the segue way between your Omega & Dad's Rolex. It was supposed to allude to wind up watches that come complete with worldly puns. Because even if you're out of this world, it can still be your Oyster ...

One day I will learn to word process my posts and use the magic of cut and paste. But please, don't hold your breath!


Happy late birthday, Trey! It's so cute how that little blonde girl is trying to sympathetically blow out the candles with you!

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