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July 17, 2006



Hmmmm...awfully similar, don't you think?




I, too, as one of the Manolo's many internet friends, see him in bespoke (sans tats and hair elastics)!

It must very be hard for the Baube to be compared to the witty and erudite fellow whose blog is required daily viewing for so many. Now, if he had a pouffy pompadour hairstyle and a spacesuit, we might mistake Baube for a funky little fashion troll ...


Dude, you got mentioned by The Manolo!

I swoon.


Hi! The Manolo, he mentioned you, so I thought I'd stop over...:)
Hi from Ireland!


Good catch! I have to say that the Bergdorf's catalogue ripped off my spotlight section, too obviously! I guess they are catalogues and have no real creativity and no original merchandising accumen. If Manolo's not mad and you're not mad, then I'm mad for both of you. But if it brings more attention Manolo's way, then fine. But the writing here was spectacular, so: great catch AND great post.


Hey everyone! And welcome G from Ireland - glad to have you here.

Thanks for all of the notes! It has been a fun 24 hours, what with the sitemeter going wacky and all. Been very much an adventure.

It was not my schtick that was ripped-off, so I can't complain. But it did make me uneasy. Because, as Kim mentions, it happens. All the time. The big guys stomping the smaller ones, shamelessly.

They ask their big-ass legal departments if they can get away with it, and the big-ass legal departments say "sure, that's not intellectual property, people have been doing XYZ forever, just change it a little" and that's that.

But, yes, I am surely sensitive to those things. They say there's nothing new under the sun. But sometimes certain individuals acquire a unique shade of tan. And attempts to duplicate that tan look, well, like a fake bake. Witness Baubé.

I suspect (and hope) that our beloved Manolo has much bigger fish to fry and can't be bothered by a little thing like a Neiman Marcus catalog. In my imagination he is far too busy doing far more interesting, fun and important things to waste his time pursuing the provenance of a gnat like Baubé.

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