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July 18, 2006


Mr. Bingley

Woo-hoo! Congratulations! A Manolo-lanche!!!


Great shout out from the Manolo!

I thought the JD press was very funny as well.

Perhaps you'd care to comment on the Oudin watch featured at _Luxist_ today? (I know what I think of it, but I'd hate to introduce bias!)

tree hugging sister

I am charteuse with envy!


Hey, thanks!

I told tree hugging sister that I kind of wanted to do an Eddie Murphy/James Brown "kiss myself hot tub" dance. But I stopped short of doing so. Just barely.

The Oudin watch? It is delicious! There is one on the linked site with Roman numerals on the watch face that is so tasty. And around the bezel of that one is a scrolling vine. Beautiful. Maybe I will pull that one over.

And has her own screed about Janice Dickinson. And she's always so polite, and we love it when Tammy gets scrappy.




Go on. Do the "kiss myself hot tub" dance!

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