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July 16, 2006



I care!!! I care!!!! (Is the Gehry line at Tiffany's yet?)

And I love the idea of the excursion. If the heatwave here continues, I may take a leaf from your book, head to the air conditioned mall, and shop like I had the budget!


No Gehry yet. They said August. So I wait.

This is an outdoor mall. With air-conditioned stores. And you know, here in the Southwest, it's a dry heat. So when it's 100F, it's not really hot.


Right! But, exactly, the idea is to shop as if I have the budget to do so. On a Monday. When the shopkeepers are BORED and presumably interested in doing something with their time. I shall not be so optimistic as to think that all sales types will be so gracious, but I hope so.

Plus, this might take a couple of days if I actually go to every store. Even the, ahem, not-so-special ones.



Waiting is hard.

I remember dry heat -- and I tell you I miss it! I was a prairie girl to begin with. Not as hot as out your way, but still dry.

I think this is a good plan. I will begin at a mall where they don't know me by name, and even look at the NSS ones, too!

Did I mention I have an idea for my "special" birthday in a few years? I thought I'd organize an expedition ... "Breakfast Near Tiffany's". Maybe a Broadway show, too?



Oof! I can't wait to see!


Ooh la love. Looking forward to this.

And blogged about you:

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