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July 24, 2006



Wait, that crown's supposed to represent a phoenix? Peacock, I could buy (I mean, they'd have the gender wrong, but the whole look-at-me! vibe right). But phoenix? Huh. How much does that mother weigh?


you are too funny!

so, that crown is passed on from one winner to the other, correct? so, why is it on the prestigious list of prizes to the big winner of ms. universe? you get to wear it but at the end of the day, you return it? that's sad.


As usual, you're right on the money! I daresay that blue spotted grouper looks much more comfortable in its skin.

I wonder if the $20,000 keeper tiara is suitable bulldog attire?


I am from Puerto Rico, and at least 75 percent of the people or women have full lips regardless your backgrounds, we have a mixture of not only Spaniards Indian and african, but also Italians, french, corsican, Irish and Portuguese, we are like Brazil, we are so mixed is incredible. My father is German-Italian and my mother is French-Spaniard and I have very european features but my lips are very full, Zuleyka's father is very dark completed man and his lips are full and her mother is a white Puerto Rican with a little tiny nose...go figure, but that is the beauty of my people. Yes, she could use a lot of make up for the contest, but that girl is saultry and pretty, she have what we call a "belleza criolla" (creole beauty) you can see a little bit of the black in her, perhaps from her grandfather or grandmother.
In the other hand, our others Miss Universes were not what people call your "typical Puerto Rican"
Dayanara have blue eyes and pale skin, and Denise, have a more latino look but her skin is like porcelain, Deborah have light olive complexion with green eyes, and our first Miss Universe, back in 1970 Marisol Malaret, was natural redhaired with olive complexion and green eyes.What a Puerto Rican supposed to look like? That the beauty of my country!!


Querida Annetta,

Thank you for writing to us from Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico has produced many Miss Universes and indeed, they are diverse beauties.

I am particularly fond of the butterfly museum in Old San Juan. Puerto Rico is a lovely place, producing lovelies to be sure. But I think, in my humble opinion, that the beauties of the past were more natural beauties. Perhaps Dayanara the prettiest of all?

Anyhow, muchísimas gracias para la visita y que visites otra vez.



Hello Susanna:
Yes indeed the Butterfly People is an amazing place.
I agree with you, I think Dayanara is the priettest of all and that the past beauties were more natural. Dayanara features are almost perfect, she is lovely.
But I think Zuleyka is an exotic beauty and very sultry, but I think that her make up was a little heavy in the competition, especially when I had seen pictures of her with a more natural make up and she looks lovely, almost like a latino with a little bit of asian, but one thing you can not take away from her is her body is so well proportion and symmetrical. Anyhow, in all our Miss Universes shows to the world the diversity of our culture, of the latin american women as well.
Gracias por contestar a mi correo electronico y hasta la proxima...

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