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July 10, 2006


Mr. Bingley

Wow, that's pretty neat.


I'm saddened to hear this news. And a motorcycle accident too... I always hate to hear about those because they seem preventable (although I have the same reaction to most car accidents). His talents will be missed!


It completely sucks. He was very young. And apparently also quite the metallurgic genius as well. Magnetic platinum? He will be missed.

I was especially saddened, of course, because of the connection to you and Tom. And fond memories of Tom being so completely intrigued by a piece of jewelry way back when, young and single. By the way, good thing you liked that ring, huh? Of course you would, it was meant to be.

Funny story, that, too, about how it ALMOST didn't make it to its intended destination. I think I may send out a shout for funny engagement stories.


How could I not love that ring? I still think it's one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry that I've ever seen. I guess we were just meant to be, for that and many other reasons! Fortunately, the ring made it to its intended destination in Tierra del Fuego, although I'm sure the answer would have been the same with a gumball-machine ring.

It would definitely be a hoot to hear other funny engagement stories from your readers.

Tom also talks about the day that you two looked at the Kretchmer rings in NYC, and remembers it fondly! He always credits the discovery to you -- I count myself lucky that he has a sister with impeccable taste (only one of her many wonderful qualities).


He was an incredible designer. I knew him personally and miss him very much. Fortunately he trained a very competent staff. His legacy will be carried on in a manner that he would appreciate.



Thank you so much for stopping by.

So nice to hear from one who knew him personally and vouches for the person I've always believed him to be. As well, wonderful to know that his legacy will carry on.

Come back and see us soon.


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