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July 27, 2006



I popped my PR cherry last night, and can I just say that I thought Angela should have been aut? And is Bradley, um, "special"? Cause he seems like he rides the short bus to Parsons.

Yes, Katherine's dress was plain, but at least it was wearable. Ivanka was right, Angela's was something only a hooker would wear. A blind hooker.

I don't know enough about the rest of the contestants to snark yet (helloooo, TWoP's coverage!), but I'm sure that will be remedied soon.

Oh, and I called my best gay friend and former boss and told him I was quitting as his hag to be Tim Gunn's.


I loved this episode. It was funny to see how the designers reacted to their dogs. You could tell which ones were uncomfortable (*cough Laura cough*) and it was really cute to see some of the guys talking to the dogs. I LOVED Uli's dress- especially the back. And I want Tim Gunn to be my best friend. Can't wait to see who gets thrown out next week for breaking the rules. Any bets? My money's on Kayne.


just discovered your blog and think it's a hoot. If you have some time I'd love to have you submit it to our new directory of fun/smart/sassy blogs.


We are of like minds! My only beef with Uli was her weak narrative. At least Alison seemed to have all 3 working - dog, dress, story. But, Uli's dress was beautiful, well made, and inspired.

tree hugging sister

Uli's dress rocked (We thought it looked very Roberto Cavalli.) and the "Hi Girls" was a hoot. Lovely puppy outfit ~ just needed pearls!

Angela...makes me teeth ache.


Oy. Fucking Keith.
I wonder if maybe Bradley caught a cold out there on that frigid morning in Central Park. He certainly looked and sounded like he had the croup.


Excuse me. Did someone mention cheese?


Lisa - glad you finally joined us!

Jen - did you love the Corgi? I was worried for a second that psycho boy got him...

Lynda - welcome!

Tammy - am thinking that Uli's English is a bit weak? It'd be hard to learn in Miami Beach, no?

THS - so did Major Dad issue the Cavalli dictum? Or was that you? Keith was right about Angela and the Skittles...

Carl - I think Bradley had too many bong hits and washed it down with bong water. And Keith? Benzene in the H2O.

Nixon - I'm going to take away your pearls if you don't ask for permission before using the computer. Though your spelling is remarkable. Much improved.

tree hugging sister

Both of us. (Wonderful man is he, n'est pas, who would know such things? I am tres loo-kee.)

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