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July 22, 2006



Oh yeah, now tell me those adorable dogs walk around like that and I will have a new but strange and unique respect for you that I've never quite felt before. What great photos.

(EMILY, as much as Trey will allow it, they wear fine jewelry. It really helps me with seeing the balance of the pieces on the neck of a moving, um, person. Nixon tends to like to chew on things, though, so he must be watched. But Linus (aka "Mr. Fancy") breaks out his special walk when draped in $5000 of pearls and takes it all very seriously.

As soon as we get this house built we will be getting a female French bullbog, and she will be wearing jewelry all the time. Because she will probably demand it, and probably look trés pretty as well. Susanna)


hi ms.s, how much are the grey ss pearls? thanks.

(PAZ- I will contact you. I have lots of choices for you. Lots! Susanna)


The pugs have made excellent choices in pearls -- the torsade is lovely on Linus, and I am always fond of a single strand of Tahitians. The colours in both strands are extremely complimentary to each of their coat tones. I am particularly impressed by Nixon's ability to wear 13-14 mm Tahitians. I find them almost overwhelming on my petite self, but Nixon, although small of stature, wears them with confidence and attitude!

I won't share Trey's impressive photography with George, as he'll suddenly be "needing" a large hole drilled baroque peacock Tahitian strung on leather or neoprene ...

tree hugging sister

Le Tracksback...



Linus was totally robbed in that gay dog contest.


What cuties! Pet jewelry is a real craze right now. All my animals are to wild to wear it, so they run around naked.

The Leprechaun

Dear Linus and Nixon,

Be careful. If you're not vigilant she'll have you in sequins and stilettos next.


Being a Dog Person through and through, my first impression was "Aw, pugs!" But then even I had to pause and say, "Damn! Those are some gorgeous pearls on Linus!"

Well done.

dave stevenson

Ah, cute! But if you really want some Blingdog action, check out You'll find Ringdogs and bling-dogs by one dog-obsessed NYC artist. And don't forget to visit the Illustration pages if you want to meet Fatdog and Raccoonbat...
cheers, dave


Cute dogs...but aren't pearls meant to be worn by fabulous humans? For those of you who agree, I recommend this website called can't get their paws on this!

Shill Hater

Ahhhh! This cute post got ruined by an SEO spammer from That is too bad.

Don't you wish sites like Premium Pearl would just pay for an advertisement instead of flooding blog comment section with fake testimonials?!

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