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July 11, 2006



Stretched piercings are no more "self-mutilation" or "permanent tissue damage" than "normal" ear piercings.


Being an old fogey, neither look appeals to me. However, at least with the grillz the gold can be melted down and the diamonds reset. The problem with gauging is that changing your mind can be really problematic. My understanding is that once the holes have stretched to a given point, there is no chance of wearing a simple elegant diamond stud ever again. As fashion trends come and go, that kind of commitment could be something one regrets years later.

My physiotherapist had enlarged holes for years, and then, after breaking up with her boyfriend, changed her mind. Her holes are significantly smaller now, but she really had problems finding an earring that would work for months.


Cristina makes a point about the piercings. My own father thinks ear piercings are barbaric and I had to beg, cajole, and stop some other self-mutilation (nail-biting) in order to persuade him to allow it. Highly unlikely that after 20 years the two original piercing holes would close up. However, the misguided third one I got in my left ear DID close up because it was only used for about two years, but I can still feel a little knot there. So, correct, permanent tissue damage done.

Wendy also makes a good point. One of my guilty pleasures is "Dr. 90210" on the E! Channel. Dr. Rey performed a restructuring surgery on a disarmingly funny young dude who had changed his mind about his gaugings. As a skilled plastic surgeon Rey was able to do some really excellent work on the guy, but warned him that he would not be able to repeat that work should the patient decide to stretch them again. But it was major surgery to fix those danglers. Lots of skin went in the trash can.


I've had my ears pierced since I was 16 -- I wasn't allowed to get them pierced before that, and I had to spend my money for the piercing and the earrings. My Mom told me over and over that she didn't get her ears pierced until after she was married ... I wasn't convinced the logic held. It was the age issue I had a problem with.


Well, the cute Typepad ate everything from about 10:30 AM PST until midnight yesterday, but I did respond to this!

Cristina, you make a very good point about the ear piercings. My own father thinks ear piercings are barbaric and I had to beg, cajole and bribe and promise to quit another form of self-mutilation (nail-biting) in order to get him to allow it. And after 20 years I am pretty sure those holes will never close up. Now, the extra one I got in a misguided trip to the mall one day in my left ear lobe I did take out after about two years. And it did close, but left a little knot. So, yes, permanent tissue damage done.

And Wendy, you also make a good point about the gauging. One of my guilty pleasures is the E! Channel's "Dr. 90210" where the elfish Dr. Rey was challenged by a case where he was asked to pin up, or close, or narrow the rather wide stretchings of a funny dude patient of his. He did an amazing job (and had to remove lots of earlobe tissue to reconstruct the earlobes, as they were permanently stretched), but he told the patient that he would not be able to repeat the surgery. A one-time deal.

So, interesting stuff.

Does anyone know which tribal affiliation originally performed the ear-stretching? I think they were African, as opposed to the Burmese or Southeast Asians who stretched their necks? The giraffe women? Totally different continents. Project! Must investigate.


(oops - Wendy, your comment about your physiotherapist was eaten by Typepad)


Typepad can be Evil!

Recap of my previous post (at least how I remember it):

-- I am an old fogey, so neither look appeals much to me
-- with grillz at least you can pop the diamonds and melt down the gold and thus reuse them when they go out of style
-- with gauging after a certain size is reached, the holes won't shrink or close up
-- my physiotherapist and her ex gauged, then the ex bit happened, and it was hard for her to find earrings she could wear (her holes are still enlarged, 2 relationships later)




Of course, now my original post is restored ... after I called Typepad evil with a capital E!


Not all people who gauge their ears aim to go even that big. That is not necessarily "midway". I've heard of a lot of people stopping below that at a 2 gauge because that is a point that it will tend to heal.


Let me just say that this isn't a trend, but a practice that is age old, just not in America. The picture shown is probley of a plug that is 7/16th or 1/2 inch in diameter. My ear lobes are currently 1 1/8 inches. I have recieved very little negative reactions. More positive and constructive. And agian, wrong about the "THEY NEVER HEAL" thing. My piercer had his at around 3 3/4 inches. And last time I saw him. He was at about 2 gauge. (which is about the thickness of a ink pen) These large lobes are no more than the leather jackets of the 80's and the portable cd players of the 90's. I'm not mad, I just want people to know the truth. And no, I'am not athiest or satanic like some associate body modifications with. I have a cross tattooed on my left thumb and MLAS on my right, which means My Lord And Saviour. Body piercings and tattoos stay in the grave and your soul untouched leaves and returns to God. Abraham gave Rebekah a Gold nose ring as a gift in the Bible in Leviticus if I remember right. And in revalations it states that when God was seen on his inner thigh it read "KING OF KINGS" if I remember right. Once agian, just wanted the truth to be stated. God Bless

Ryan Thompson

With the diamond teeth caps, I'd be afraid of chipping a stone with silverware.

Not sure why guys do the gauging thing. It almost always looks terrible. I guess they want to be worth more as human cattle if they're ever in Africa.

Williams Schermer

Nelly's one of the earlier rappers who made grills popular. I first saw him in his music video "Country Grammar", and he was wearing grills. It boomed when he made the video "Grillz" with some of his fellow rappers. They were all smiling with their grills.

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