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July 30, 2006



Do you think it is simply a coincidence that the ring looks to be either unbalanced or too big for her?


A coincidence with, say, her unbalanced and too big mammaries?

Yeah, that ring is a big one, no doubt. And it's rolling over on her finger. Does it look like a yellow gold/canary diamond combination to you?


Well done. He is quite fetching in a bermuda short, no? If you were to peruse a shelter in New York, you would easily find a match for him.


That would be exactly the coincidence I was alluding to! And yes, it does look to be be yellow gold with a fancy colour -- at least it is not a treated dandelion yellow.


Anderson Lee Anderson Lee Anderson. That's brilliant.

I love how when this was first announced (haven't she and Rock broken up, re-united, broken up, re-united several times themselves?) Anderson Lee Anderson Lee Anderson said something about how it was impulsive but nonetheless very well thought through. Like all of those moments in life where you've agonized for seconds over a spur of the moment decision.

Forthcoming sex tape accidentally "stolen" along with a 20,000 lb safe with no contents worth reporting the theft to the police from the Anderson Lee Rock home in 4...3...2...

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