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May 11, 2006



I don't know why Outback gets such hatin'. Those cheese fries permeate my dreams!

I asked for a Dustbuster this year -- since the litter-flinging cat came to live with us, I've had to sweep entirely too much. This cannot stand.


I've actually never been to Outback. But I would be bummed if someone spent their hard earned dollars on junk or even nice stuff I dind't enjoy. THanks for the sage advice!


Hear, hear!!!!!

In fact, this year, I (on behalf of my brother and myself) made a pre-emptive strike and offered Mom a choice. Usual price range gifts for birthday (November), Christmas, and Mother's Day -- or, as it was a "special" birthday a Really Important Gift for her birthday and tokens for the others.

After hemming and hawing, and with the benefit of some hints, she decided on the former. Which was, IMO, the right choice -- a strand of 9-10 mm baroque peacock Tahitians with 18k white clasp.


This is precisely the type of arrangement that I think we all should consider! It's a win-win gift-giving structure.

1. Mom gets what she wants and deserves.
2. Mom doesn't have to pretend she likes something she doesn't.
3. Kids don't spend money just for the sake of spending it, it's spent on something that's wanted and welcome. It's money well spent.

It's the avoiding the scenario Kim mentions. And it's like what Lisa's doing. Getting what they want/need and not having to see someone spend money for nothing.

I know some people are forced to play mind-reader with their Moms and that really sounds annoying.

Hurrah for asking for what you want!



The cat who owns me has a talent for excavating the litterbox, so I know exactly where you are coming from!


Mom was so pleased she had me shop for a matching bracelet she could buy for herself, so now she has a set or can use it as an extender for the necklace.



I got a locket (Yes, it was from the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart, but my 8-year-old paid for it with HIS OWN MONEY, so I gots to wear it. Such is the way of mothers.) and the Dustbuster. AND a nap.



Hey, did you know that Wal-Mart and Costco are into the fine jewelry and loose diamond business now? It's true.

Hurrah for the 8 year-old and his independence! And hooray for the Dustbuster. And the nap? Priceless.

charity spence

I love Outback! And I love jewelry even more!

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