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May 08, 2006



So man bracelets - no? My dad will be so pissed. :)

(The first time my husband saw The Sopranos, he looked over at me and said, "You do notice they all dress like your dad, right?" Except my dad doesn't wear track suits. And he's not Italian. But still, it's eerie.)


Hilarious about your Dad and the track suits and goombah get-ups. I think he's probably very comfortable with himself.

My Dad wears some sort of bracelet, but I think it's for vertigo or something. Not sure. It turns his skin green. He's pretty concerned about looking tidy, so I am compelled to believe it's a must-wear item. Maybe I will ask - there's a thought.

His wife being a jeweler, and the 70s and 80s just not that far back in the rearview mirror, he has quite a collection of gold chains, bezel-set coins, bracelets, rings, shark's teeth, etc.

The only thing he'll wear now is the shark tooth on SCUBA trips. But I think it somehow disappeared a year ago.


Hah! The boyfriend refuses jewelry -- partly because of his manly aesthetics, and partly because he suspects anything he wears will get caught in machinery and damage him. (It's nice that he pays attention to baubles on women, though.)

Stranger still, my guy friends hanker for man-bracelets for some bizarre reason. One was particularly jealous that man-jewelry is under-represented in the current market. I guess he was born a generation too late ...


I am proud to say that I don't know any hysterics. However, does this count: I used to like to wear four little thin silver rings on my pinky, the third from the bottom with a tiny, dangling heart. It was subtle, but I thought quite lovely. I was in my early '20's and was a tad more, um, outgoing then. And I wore a gold ring on my thumb for about 5 years approaching my 20's and slightly past. Am I a reformed hysteric?


Hmm. How does Dr. H. feel about watches and bracelets on the same wrist? When I wear my gold panterra link watch I wear a plain gold rolo link bracelet (toggle clasp) with it.

I fear, although I usually wear only 2 rings at a time (occasionally a third stacking ring), I am in danger of becoming an (fair weather) hysteric! The only reason I haven't been wearing my albeit delicate karat gold toe ring is that I lost weight and actually need to size it down.


These theories really put all of us in the position of questioning ourselves!

On the very day when I first heard the theory, I was wearing five (count e'm! FIVE!) stacking rings on one hand and and three on the other.

Kim, you've seen that five-ring arrangement and quite liked it. I still like it. I love stacking rings, even ones on pinky fingers that dangle.

As well, I think I was wearing my hair on top of my head - one of the key indicators for hysteria.

I may just be a hysteric and not know it. Perhaps that, too, is a sign of hysteria? Abject denial and finger-pointing? AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

And as for our male friends who like bracelets, they may, indeed, have been born a generation too late. My Dad's man-jewelry has been collecting dust for a long time now.

The bracelet/watch combination is lovely when done right, which it sounds as if it is, Wendy.

I wouldn't mind a toe ring myself. I'd just have to wear a sock over it if I went to Dr. H.'s house!

tree hugging sister

I'm just hysterical.


Two words: Puff. Daddy.


I love your stacking rings. I consider them a benchmark for stacking perfection. You are the champion sexy-ring stacker of all time. You are not an hysteric.

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