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February 10, 2006



pretty! how big are they?


I think they were about 1.5" long - probably from lobe to end longways.


They are very pretty! I love the stone-a-month theme! I find structure very comforting. I wish I could incorporate it better into my blog.


Ooo, I can't wait until October -- that's my birthday, and I loves me some opals.

But not that shitty pink stuff they call "October".


Traditionally, yes, it's opal.

Nowadays, the modern adaptation of birthstones allow for tourmalines.

And I loves me some tourmalines.

It looks like I'll have to do both!

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I also ask the same way how long is this? hmmmm,sounds inetresting!

by: rhianne

Charmn Goldie

I've bought a lot of amethists in my day. Mom and sis are both Feb. babies.



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