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If you want quality, expect to pay for it. However, you may also find yourself paying dearly for that which is not quality. Here's where you can learn the difference.


I co-own a jewelry business with mother called Square J Designs.

Square J Designs & Esjadi have been in the fine jewelry and custom design business for over 27 years. We operate in both Arizona and Texas and have happy customers all over the US.

My mother Judy is the chief designer and is truly the artistic one. She has a graduate degree in Geosciences. She has had extensive training at and received multiple certificates from the GIA in Santa Monica and Carlsbad. She has an amazing eye for quality and chooses only to work with the finest materials.

My own background is in Art History, motion picture marketing and rampant consumerism. Everything I know about jewelry and quality I learned from my mother. Put very simply, I know what I like and I know what other people will like, too. I love to sell the goods. And I love to write about what I know.

We are constantly broadening the scope of the business. We are currently expanding our present knowledge and training by studying CAD/CAM for jewelry.

Our business takes us to the AGTA and GLDA shows in Tucson, and the AGTA, GLDA and JCK shows in Las Vegas.

My mother has built solid relationships with many diamond and colored stone dealers and wholesale jewelers over the past 27+ plus years, enabling us access to the finest materials. In the past few years, I too, have begun to develop the same relationships.

One of our very favorite ways to bring our designs (and those of the designers we represent) to our customers is through private, in-home trunk shows. This way, we get to spend a good amount of time with our customers in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We not only create one-of-a-kind custom pieces for our customers, we also have an excellent inventory of samples and ready-for-sale merchandise from other designers.

Write to us at to inquire about a show in your home or store.

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Thank you!