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December 11, 2006



"Corpus pageant trash" -- my dear, in three words, you have perfectly captured everything about her that's ever irritated me. Brava!


Trey has just reminded me that Eva is not Mexican.

She is a Spaniard!

Nay... a Mayan princess!

Scratch that. I'm with you and I'm sticking with "Corpus pageant trash."


There are pictures at, among other sites,

Of the ring. Not the Brazilian ... and thank goodness for that!


Oh, dear God. Not yet, anyhow. No doubt she'll attempt to publish some tripe like "Eva's Kitchen & Garden Kama Sutra Secrets" or some crap.

And then we'll get to see the Brazilian.


Something about her being the Yoko Ono of the Spurs?

eva's fan

why do you hate Eva so much?

Boy Named Sous

Did you READ the post? Did you FOLLOW the links?

eva's fan

yes I read the links and I think the wirter is jealous of her and hates her for no good reason


Oh, yawn. The "you're jus' jellus" argument, chiefly the province of junior high students and Britney defenders. You know, it's quite possible to think very little of someone without being jealous of them; in fact, it's the rule more than the exception.

What I don't get is why Longoria has "fans" in the first place. What exactly has she done that's deserving of admiration? Be pretty? Appear on television? That's setting the bar kinda low, isn't it?

eva's fan

to Cath and the Haters
she is pretty, she is great actress and she has done alot more than the writer of the blog has ever done i am sure

i bet the writer of the blog it is not even her picture she is prolly very ugly and dumb

why do you guys have to be so snotty? it figiures the writer has such snotty friends who defend her and think there all so smart


So you like Eva and anyone who doesn't is a lying, stupid, ugly, poo-poo head who has never accomplished anything. Well-argued! The essay portion of the SAT will be a cakewalk!

eva's fan

school is not everything and it is just like a bunch of geeks to pretend it is
i have a v. succesful carreer in the industry and i didnt need sat's to get tthere and i make way more $ than you or or the bling blog will ever make and your both probly homly


Hi Eva's Fan,

This is so awesome. In fact, YOU are awesome, and I am so lucky to have you as a guest commenter here on the humble lil' Bling Blog. It is not often I am in the presence of Greatness. Greatness that works in The Industry! WOW!

Are you really rich?

Do you drive a fancy car?

Do you get manicures and bikini waxes?


What is it exactly that you do in "The Industry" that makes for such a lucrative career?

Are you Eva Longoria's #1 sycophant?

Does that provide you with an IP address in Corpus Christi? I was not aware that "The Industry" was now based in South Texas. Please enlighten us.

Yes, that is "prolly" not my photo. However, at least I am consistently using the same chick's photo on this blog. What a smarty-pants geekface I am!

And "prolly" all of my friends are geeks, too. Nerds, nerds, nerds. But at least we know how to use the shift key and have the ability to separate reality from fiction and can identify talent from a gilded ditch fish.

Carry on.

P.S. Yes, I AM snotty. And so are my friends. You at least got that part right. You've gotta be smart to be a smartass. Over and out.

XOXO, Susanimal


Wow - I was just captivated by the mix of tongue-in-cheek with actual jewelry knowledge in your post (as usual.) But I'm now wiping the tears of laughter from my face...

Susanna - you're just going to have to settle with being Eva's #2 fan. Can you handle it, Miss First Runner-up? ;-)

Rock on your writing.


Wow, Eva's #1 Fan writes suspiciously like Lindsay Lohan (she's in the industry!) and sounds oddly like Paris Hilton (who thinks everyone else beside her is ugly and fat, ha ha ha!) so maybe you have famous lurkers! Oh, they have houses in Corpus Christie? Maybe!


Say... Eva's #2 fan has a nice ring to it! Can I only hope?! But I want to be #1 so I can be fabulous, too.

"Eva's Fan" has been very quiet... perhaps my zeal has eclipsed hers!

Being fat and ugly and nerdy has its perks, you know? We nerds are very industrious, and we persevere. That's why we do so well on standardized tests and at Math Camp.

See how I'm up so early? The early nerd gets the worm!


Nerds 'R' Us. I'm in!!!!

vintage ring

oh my dear ..this is awesome. I a feeling jealous from you. I am getting engaged next month. I hope my fiancee give similar ring to me.

Bridget Rossi

Oh, Tony Parker does hava a great sense in jewelries! Simple yet classy! Although it meant a lot for both of them, they just put their relationship to a waste. It's so sad that they broke up. We'll, life is like that sometimes. We just have to pick ourselves up and carry on.

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