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December 12, 2006



Susie, I tell you, I am so very fatigued with conspiracy theories, what might have happened if for some reason we didn't need to keep revisiting the circumstances of an horrific crash that happened with a drunk driver at the wheel in a chase situation.

But the pictures of the sparkly things are nice!


Yes, why draw additional attention to oneself if not for the sake of publicity?

It was tragic. If anyone is entitled to bring attention to it, it is the families of the deceased, not the jeweler to the deceased.

But, yes! Sparkly and pretty, pretty! May he be doomed to a life of servitude under Princess Stephanie.


Indeed!!!! (And crass free publicity at that.)


I'm really disgusted the way people keep bringing up things about Princess Diana. A memorial service, fine, a book to make money no.

I am dying of curiousity though as to what the ring looked like.


I wonder when he got paid for the ring?

danny diamonds

It was an unfortunate accident, would have wished she could have had the nice ring.

Gemstone Rings

Fantastic ! This snake shaped ring is looking gorgeous. I would like to buy same for myself.

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