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December 17, 2006


Jen W.

Ohhhh that necklace....I'm not a huge fan of big, showy pieces, but that is absolutely breathtaking.


BB, they are really something! Imagine how that collar must flash when it's on and has movement!

I also like the way the clasp is unobtrusive.

But I get a real kick out of how small the shoulder stones look on the ring ...


Isn't it amusing that one-carat shoulder stones are dwarfed on that ring?! Such a trick to the eye, no?

The whole suite is just a knockout. Simply perfection.


wow, if I could have that I might go naked the rest of my life and just wear those stones.

Amrinder Singh

WOW!!.. great work..
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Vintage Earrings

Great work ! I liked it very much. The small earrings are looking very cute. Keep it up man ! Thanks !

wedding rings

haha to get these for christmas would be awesome.

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