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August 11, 2006



Ooooh. Susanna! Can you hear the clamouring? What a wonderful choice to kick off this feature! Mr. Perret's design aesthetic is both extraordinarily elegant and playful. Although it would be an unusual choice for me, I am quite captivated by the U ring with the burnish set ball. And the coloured diamond lentil & pearl spinning rings. And ... well, the list does go on!


Oh, I know... some of the choices are ultra-modern and sleek for my taste and yet so utterly appealing and timeless.

Hoping to have this up by tomorrow or Sunday. It is a wonderful collection and you're going to adore the man himself, I just know it!


Mr. Perret's jewelry does look stunning. It seems to have a youthful aesthetic - pinks and light greens...


I'm looking forward to it! Something that sets Mr. Perret's web site apart is the quality of information -- as we know only too well, an educated consumer makes a solid decision. From metal to coloured diamonds, the copy is clear, informative and well written. And like you, Susanna, I do have a soft spot for the fancies!

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